A Place to Add Information About Notable Book Resources


  • Teaching Adolescent Writers by Kelly Gallagher (4th grade-university) Here's a bulletin I wrote as a result of some of Kelly G's work

  • Readicide by Kelly Gallagher (all grades)
(I'm a ginormous fan of Kelly. He's a fellow NWP person and absolutely brilliant. Although the title is
"Readicide", I'd passionately argue there is a clear parallel to writing. Check out my interview with Kelly G: interview Part 1 and 2.)

  • Writing Workshop the Essential Guide by Ralph Fletcher (all grade levels)
  • But How Do You Teach Writing by Barry Lane (Appropriate for all grade levels. Looks at the value of time, space, and choice in writing)
  • Reviving the Essay by Gretchen Bernabei. (All grade levels. In my opinion, she is a genius. Here's two bulletins I wrote that will give you some insight into her work.)